The objective of the project “Multi-aspect initiative to improve cross-border videoconferencing” (leaded by the Austrian Ministry of Justice) is to promote the practical use of and to share best practice and expertise on the organisational, technical and legal aspects of cross-border videoconferencing (VC) in order to help improving the overall functioning of e-Justice systems in Member States and at European level. The sub-goals are:

  • Improve organising and running cross-border videoconferences between the EU Member States by providing VC users enhanced guidelines and step-by-step protocol for typical cross-border VC use-cases.
  • Enhancing the technical interoperability for videoconferencing by doing practical VC connection tests between the participating MS.
  • Create an improved version of a form for requesting / confirming a videoconference together with static public information to be published on the European e-Justice Portal.

The expected results are the following

  • Guideline document on civil and criminal use-cases, which can achieve high benefit from cross-border VC
  • Guideline document with improved step-by-step instructions (“protocol”)  for typical VC use-cases, which combines technical (e.g. starting, accepting a call) and judicial (e.g. identify witnesses, experts, suspected and accused persons) and organisational elements (e.g. requesting/confirming the detail parameters for the VC)
  • Practical technical VC connection tests between the participating MS
  • Documentation on test results (working parameters, failures, recommendations)
  • Guideline document summarizing the recommended technical standards from a practical perspective and with practical tips to make VC work
  • Improved form for requesting/confirming a VC containing the variable and/or confidential parameters for the videoconference and recommendations for the public and static VC parameters to be published on the European e-Justice Portal.

This project was financed with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Union.