Venezuela 2


As a result of the successful work undertaken by the European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) on the re-establishment of the rule of law in Venezuela (finalised in April 2017), ELF continued its work on this country, mainly focused on the re-establishment of the independence of the judiciary, which was one of the main areas of our previous project. For instance, access to a judicial career, and the initial and continuing training requirements for judges in Venezuela, are not in accordance with international standards. In addition, some judgments of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme court have been seen, both inside and outside Venezuela, as politically motivated, and questions have been raised as to how to ensure judicial independence when dealing with the protection of the Venezuelan Constitution. ELF, with the help of local NGOs and European experts, analysed all these issues, with the benefit of experience from other countries, in order to lay out steps to greater judicial independence. The project concluded with a report that can be consulted here.