European lawyers and the European Arrest Warrant

The European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) and the CCBE were awarded last year a project to carry out a study on “EAW-Rights: analysis of the implementation and operation of the European Arrest Warrant from the point of view of defence practitioners”. The project, which ended on 2nd November 2016, aimed to contribute to the correct and consistent implementation of the European Arrest Warrant; in particular, the project focused on the following objectives:

  • Identification of the implementation at national level of the Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA on the European Arrest Warrant in all EU Member States.
  • Identification of good practices carried out in the 28 Member States in order to ensure defence rights
  • Presentation of recommendations focused on the improvement of defence rights in EAW cases

The project’s main result was the development of a study that addresses these objectives. It can be downloaded for free at the following link. Further to this, ELF continues working on the EAW due to the importance of this legal instrument for those detained under it and their lawyers. ELF is now working on a proposal called EAW-Net. The object of this new project is to allow experienced practitioners from different Member States to network around a theme of mutual learning and exchange of best practices. The need for a network between EAW defence practitioners, especially in the context of dual representation in both issuing and executing states, was highlighted by the national experts who contributed to the EAW-Rights study.