Funding Opportunities

European NGOs working in the field of justice, rule of law and human rights have the possibility to apply for EU funds. Those activities targeted towards EU Member States fall under the Directorate-General for Justice’s funding programmes. Those to be implemented in countries beyond the EU have other funding streams (e.g. DG Enlargement, DG Development and Cooperation, etc). The most relevant funding opportunities for NGOs operating in the field of justice, rule of law and human rights are the following.

  1. DG Justice: funding opportunities for European projects on justice can be found here: Justice channels its funding opportunities through two programmes for the period 2014-2020: the Justice programme and the Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme. Each year, DG Justice publishes different calls for proposals that set the priorities to be funded. Organisations wanting to apply for these funds need to read carefully both the annual programme and the specific call for proposals.
  2. DG Development and Cooperation: this DG publishes worldwide funding opportunities. Sometimes the opportunities refer to a specific country while in others the scope is more general. There are also different kinds of funding depending on the topic (democracy, technical assistance, etc.). More information about current and expected calls for proposals can be found here: