Infosheets on the application of the EU directives on access to a lawyer, presumption of innocence and legal aid

Business Interrupted:  Law and Practice Beyond the Pandemic (report presented in English)

Globalising legal practice in the East Africa Region: challenges and opportunities

TRAINAC Final report with a presentation of the project’s conclusions, best practices and recommendations

Globalising your practice in Central America: Opportunities and challenges (Costa Rica conference)

Globalising your practice in Asia: Opportunities and challenges. Report from the Cambodia Conference.

Report on opportunities and barriers in the use of natural language processing tools in SME law practice

Manual on the law relating to violence against women (England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, N. Ireland, Poland, Spain)

Assessment report on the situation in EU and EEA Member States regarding recognition of foreign training

Report on the conference in Kazakhstan “Stronger when united: new challenges and perspectives”

Globalising your practice in the Southern African Development Community: Opportunities and challenges

Globalising your practice for the South Pacific lawyers: Opportunities and challenges

Report on the average “state of the art” IT capabilities of law firms in the EU compared to US, UK and Canada

Analysis of the implementation and operation of the EAW from the point of view of defence practitioners

Report on the conference in Ukraine “Improving the quality of legal services in Ukraine”

Action Plan for the Re-establishment of the Rule of Law in Venezuela (Venezuela project)

El restablecimiento de la independencia judicial en Venezuela (publication in Spanish)

Report on the conference in Zimbabwe “Helping Zimbabwe lawyers face globalisation”