International Criminal Court

The European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) has been actively involved in issues related to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its work for several years. Indeed, ELF is accredited before the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) of the ICC, as our activities are relevant to the activities of the Court pursuant to rule 93 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of State Parties.

ELF work in relation to the ICC relates principally to the following:

  • Capacity building of lawyers on the Rome Statute and proceedings before the ICC.
  • Helping lawyers in their applications to the ICC list of counsel.
  • Monitoring the developments of the Court  and of some specific cases.

Regarding capacity building for lawyers, this is undertaken on both an in-person and online basis. Whereas the online format is more generic and tries to familiarise lawyers with the ICC, the in-person events are more specific and aim to train lawyers who are involved in cases before the ICC and who, eventually, may provide legal representation during an ICC trial.

Due to the need to ensure confidentiality, we do not openly report on those capacity building events which take place on an in-person basis. However, online events are openly publicised and offered to a wider audience. As an example of an online event, ELF organised (together with the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe) an online webinar on the ICC and the situation in Ukraine on 20th May 2022. Information about the event (and its recording) are accessible here.