This project, led by the Italian National Research Centre (CNR) in partnership with 17 other organisations (including the European Lawyers Foundation and the Ministries of Justice of some Member States) is a fruit of the success of two prior projects that were co-funded by the EU: e-CODEX and Evidence.

The EVIDENCE2eCodex project aims to cross-fertilise stakeholders and infrastructure by making them ready to implement changes in handling electronic evidence and in exchanging such evidence electronically.

The goal is to share with both legal and IT practitioners the availability of working instruments for digital cooperation in those European Investigation Order (EIO) cases that include digital evidence by:

  • creating a legally valid instrument to exchange digital evidence related to Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) and EIO procedures through e-CODEX
  • providing the legal and IT communities involved with ‘ready to use’ information on EIO, digital evidence and e-CODEX
  • developing a ‘true to life’ example of how electronic evidence can be shared through e-CODEX in a secure and standardised way to support MLA and EIO cases
  • developing first a theoretical approach for ‘large file handling’, if possible followed by a specification for practical implementation, as digital evidence could come in ‘large size’
  • producing an action plan and guidelines for EU-wide implementation of the ‘true to life’ example.

The project officially started on 15th February 2018 and will run for 18 months.


Project’s kick-off meeting (Florence, Italy, 7-8 March 2018)

This project is financed with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Union.