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ELF Annual Report 2019

The ELF Annual Report provides an overview of the projects and activities carried out by the European Lawyers Foundation during 2019. It also includes the financial report for that year. 2019 was a busy year for ELF. We were involved in various projects in different fields of law and in different countries. 2019 was the year when ELF trained the most lawyers since it was established in 2014. Last year was also the first year that ELF achieved a positive financial result.

But, even more importantly, 2019 is just the beginning of something more to come. New projects are in the pipeline. Some have been submitted to donors for funding. Other will be carried out in cooperation with Bars and Law Societies. We will be working in the same fields of law and in new ones. In our traditional fields, such as data protection, immigration and asylum, or exchange of lawyers, we expect to provide training with added value and expertise.

Despite the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, ELF has been working non-stop on all its projects, since access to justice and rule of law require continued protection – indeed with added importance – during difficult times. We are confident that we will be able to re-start our training activities later in 2020 but, in any case, our activities in other fields such as e-Justice and rule of law remain unchanged.