Violence Against Women

“Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland” – Presentation by Joan O’Mahony (EN)

“Police and judicial authority practices in Greece” – Presentation by Angeliki Serafeim (EN)

“Case-law on VAW at the European Court of Human Rights” – Presentation by Athanasios Karouzakis (GR)


“Case-law on violence against women in Spain” – Presentation by Ángeles Carmona (ES)

“Legislation on violence against women in Greece” – Presentation by Panos Alexandris (EN)

“Criminonoligcal aspects of domestic violence in Poland” – Magdalena Dziewanowska (PL)

“European legal framework applicable to cases of VAW” – Presentation by Efstathios Poularakis (EN)

“Legal framework on violence against women in Greece” – Presentation by Cleo Papapantoleon (GR)


“Legal framework and case-law on VAW in Italy” – Presentation by Cinzia Calabrese (IT)

“Spanish law for protecting women who have suffered violence” – Presentation by Teresa Peramato Martín (ES)

“Violence Against Women (domestic violence) in Poland “– Introductory speech by Sylwia Spurek (EN)

“Overview of the European legal framework applicable to cases of VAW in Poland” – Marcin Gorski (EN)

“Domestic violence and abuse: the UK perspective” – Presentation by Neelam Sarkaria (EN)

“Case-law on domestic violence in Greece” – Presentation by Palaiologos Panagopoulos (GR)

“EU legal framework on violence against women” – Presentation by Cristina Rodríguez Toja (ES)


“Recent modifications in the Spanish legislation on VAW” – Presentation by Filomena Peláez (ES)

“Legal rules of proceeding for people experiencing violence and  violators” – Izabela Duczynska (PL)