Violence Against Women

“Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence in Ireland” – Presentation by Joan O’Mahony (EN)

“Police and judicial authority practices in Greece” – Presentation by Angeliki Serafeim (EN)

“Case-law on VAW at the European Court of Human Rights” – Presentation by Athanasios Karouzakis (GR)


“Case-law on violence against women in Spain” – Presentation by Ángeles Carmona (ES)

“European legal framework applicable to cases of VAW” – Presentation by Efstathios Poularakis (EN)

“Legal framework on violence against women in Greece” – Presentation by Cleo Papapantoleon (GR)


“Legal framework and case-law on VAW in Italy” – Presentation by Cinzia Calabrese (IT)

“Spanish law for protecting women who have suffered violence” – Presentation by Teresa Peramato Martín (ES)

“Domestic violence and abuse: the UK perspective” – Presentation by Neelam Sarkaria (EN)

“Case-law on domestic violence in Greece” – Presentation by Palaiologos Panagopoulos (GR)

“EU legal framework on violence against women” – Presentation by Cristina Rodríguez Toja (ES)


“Recent modifications in the Spanish legislation on VAW” – Presentation by Filomena Peláez (ES)