New project: Multilateral Exchange of Lawyers (MULTILAW)

The European Lawyers Foundation is delighted that it has recently been awarded the MULTILAW project. It is a long-awaited initiative, funded by the European Union (EU), which allows greater mobility of lawyers within the European Union and contributes to the development of a European judicial culture. It will set up the first European training exchange scheme for lawyers, based on the good practices established by the European Judicial Training Network for the exchange of judges and prosecutors.

The project is led by the European Lawyers Foundation, in partnership with the Paris Bar, the Athens Bar, the National Bars of Romania, Lithuania, Spain and the Czech Republic and the Polish Legal Advisors. During its life, lawyers from 7 EU Member States (young lawyers with up to 5 years of professional experience) will have the opportunity to be trained abroad in host institutions from the legal sector. During their placement, the incoming lawyers will be able to immerse themselves in other EU Member States’ legal systems, to create or consolidate cross-border networking capacities, and to improve their legal and linguistic skills. The duration of each placement will be two weeks, and hosting institutions in partner countries will be either local and national bars or private law firms with cross-border activities within Europe.

The first exchanges are expected to take place in October 2017, and the total number of lawyers to participate in the exchanges will be 75. The project is only the first step towards the planned creation of a permanent structure of exchange of lawyers at EU level in the near future that we hope will be financially supported by the EU and extended to more Member States and lawyers.